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Making a large purchase can be overwhelming, and you want to be sure you get it right the first time. By taking advantage of our Complimentary Consultation Service you can feel confident in your choices and make this process an exciting and rewarding experience!

Your Certified Interior Decorator is a reliable source for knowledge and advice. By adding your preferences and goals to our expertise, your room and your home will reflect a style this is beautifully yours.

The consultation begins with your decorator visiting your home to discuss your desires and goals for the space and noting any existing items you would like to have incorporated into the new design. Mesurements and photos are taken and wall and flooring colors are also noted.

Your Decorator will then return to the store and "work her design magic". Once prepared, you will be called in to the store for the presentation of your new design. All fabrics furniture, furniture arrangement and accessory options will be presented. We are also happy to assit with paint colors and flooring options, if those items are part of the project.

With your approval of the plan, we take it from there and the next step for you is to simply open the door for our Delivery men as your Decorator directs the set up of your new room.

All the details of your consultation are kept on file so when you desire any future assistance such as seasonal decorating or the addition of future projects, it will be a snap! Consultations are a fun and stress-free way to achieve the home of your dreams. Call today for your appointment. Thank you for allowing Brymons the opportunity to help you make your house your home.


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Brymons is able to offer custom decorating consultations free of charge with the understanding that you purchase a minimum of $1000 in furnishings for you home within 14 days of the presentation of your plan. If you choose not to make this purchase within this time frame, a consultation fee will be charged and you will receive an invoice for a minimum of $75 (first hour). Additionally, travel time to and from your home as well as time spent in-store on your project will be billed at the rate of $60/hour.